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MarciaDate to Be Announced
Come Into Your Heart Power
Marcia Boria Mariner, MA, LMHC
You will learn the keys to tapping both your inner radiance and unstoppable power. Come and begin the process of breaking through your glass ceiling! Hear stories of inspiring women and men who have done just that! If you are ready to move forward, but are feeling stuck then this gathering is for you! $55

MarciaDates to Be Announced
Diet No More! (Stop dieting and start learning to love yourself and the body you have)
Marcia Boria Mariner, MA, LMHC
Have you ever wondered how other people manage to achieve lifelong fitness and weight management routines? Come join us for a two part series to gather with others and learn the secrets to lifelong wellness practices. Free yourself from self defeating patterns! A hypnosis recording is included as a take-home support resource. (Ongoing support group available)

Part One: Eating & Weight Management Come learn to develop an intuitive and loving relationship with food and your body! $55

Part Two: Fitness Routines Learn how to develop daily fitness routines that will make you excited to wake up and develop an intuitive exercise routine that you will be excited to do! $55

MarciaDate to Be Announced
The Power of "No!" (Breaking free from codependency and creating a healthy sense of self)
Marcia Boria Mariner, MA, LMHC
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you said "yes" and you really meant to say "no"?

When you put yourself first, do you often think it's selfish or feel badly afterwords?

Is it a challenge for you to make your own needs or dreams a priority? Are you in the habit of rescuing others at your own expense? If you can relate to any of these situations, come for an empowering evening of practical skills, stories and resources that can give you the core strength you need to stand in your power and create the life you desire! $55

MarciaDate to Be Announced
The Key to Your Happiness: It's All In Your Heart!
Marcia Boria Mariner, MA, LMHC
Are you feeling stuck in survival mode? Do you feel like you're always in a fight or flight response?

Come learn practices to calm your nervous system, and to help you to shift into your heart center so you can live a more radiant happy life and flow through your days with ease and grace! $55

MarciaDate to Be Announced
Come into your BodyLove!!
Marcia Boria Mariner, MA, LMHC
Learn the five keys to restoring a loving connection with your body and to tapping into your motivation to care for it. When you are in unity with our body, you want to love, honor and cherish it. Come for an evening of inspiration, education and practical steps you can begin to use your own life so you can enjoy being in your body and transform your relationship to it.

Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat if you have one. $55

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